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Retail Outplacement

What Do We Do?

Accurate Resource Group Inc.’s retail outplacement business line specializes in individuals, small groups and group sizes from one to 50 employees in the reduction of your workforce. These employees are usually at the professional, supervisory and management roles. Generally for executives we recommend individual one on one programs.

We offer varied workshops, and programs to suit your objectives. They can be customized in terms of duration and encompass off site delivery and various media and resources in terms of the delivery of these outplacement services.

If a company prefers an on-site program we can offer a non-retail type of program as well. If a company prefers the program to be delivered on site at our facility, we can utilize our conference rooms. We have several locations in MA where these programs can be scheduled. We would customize the package to work for the employer, their goals and their budget.

The process begins with an assessment of the client’s needs where it is critical to understand the goals and objectives of the client. We would make recommendations based on the initial due diligence and put together a program that met timelines, accomplished their objectives and worked within their budgets. We then ensure that the program has many value adds that ensure that it will be both very effective AND cost effective.

What Does This Program Look Like?

Generally, the baseline program is conducted on an 8-10 week basis. Depending upon the specific goals of the client company, the job levels of the individual (s) we do some specific customization depending upon the scope of services they require. It is comprehensive and walks the individual through all the steps that they need to follow to help ensure multiple job offers. There are work assignments, feedback, conversations and wins discussed and utilizes written tools that re-enforce the steps required to conduct a successful job search. We track their progress throughout the program. They have a solid plan that gets results and we walk hand in hand with them through each step of the process.

These techniques are proven and powerful. As we have been in the job market for the last 25 years, we have a solid foundation to draw upon in terms of actual techniques that work! Some clients have one or two or a handful of executives that go through the program on an individual basis and some in small groups. The program is well suited for individual or groups. Clients may indicate that they will send a particular level of management for each program, thereby grouping them together as they would have more in common.