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ON DEMAND, INTERIM, ON CALL OR Key Employee…ARGI’s HR ON DEMAND SERVICES…ENSURE YOU ONLY pay for what you need…exactly when you need it!

As a business owner, CEO/ CFO, president, manager, or human resource professional , if you are just wearing too many hats these days, are just too busy, need an expert, have a project or need to focus more on the big picture of running your business, we have the solutions for you! Our human resource professionals will meet you at the level of your challenge for the duration of that challenge and provide solutions…so you can focus on running your business.

Our human resource professionals can assist you with projects, ongoing challenges, compliance concerns, handbooks, audits, employee relations challenges, compliance issues, ADA compliant job descriptions, help you hire top performers, assist with improving the performance of your staff, and provide solutions for all your small business human resource challenges.

Through the entire employee life cycle, we are there for support. Beginning with identifying and hiring talent through separation and cost effective retail outplacement solutions, we can help!

Onsite HR director, Interim HR executive or other level of requirement is no problem. If you need a human resource director for a project, a day a month, a week a month or other. Via phone, email, or on- site we can assist. We can work with you on short and long term cost effective solutions for your company.

If you need a human resource director for a project, a day a month, a week a month or other…via phone, email, or on- site we can assist.

Whether your company is expanding, business is steady or if you are in a seasonal downturn, we have solutions for all those business conditions. Accurate Resource Group, Inc. is ON DEMAND, ON BUDGET, ON CALL and ON TOP of your human resource challenges.

Why wonder if you are compliant, if your employees are productive enough to hit your sales objectives, or if the lack of human resource services is putting your company at liability??? Our team of human resource professionals can put you at ease, provide you with best in practice solutions and help you meet your human resource objectives.


The outsource model is a cost effective model in good economic times and even more advisable in softer economies. In an economic recovery, it is a great way to leverage talent without adding to overhead costs.

If you are one of our clients, you have worked with us in other business lines and know the quality and the value of the services we perform. You can expect the same in our HR ON DEMAND area as well.

If you are new to ARGI, then you will get to know the quality that other employers have come to count on over the last 25 years.

Let us customize a cost effective program for your organization. Chances are we will come in under budget, on time AND with quality results that hit your objectives.