Accurate Resource Group, Inc.
Your Human Resource Partner


We are committed to excellence and also to customize extremely cost effective and complete solutions for your company. As part of our due diligence process, we will meet with you to determine the scope and level of need. Your project director will customize solutions for you that will ensure that your project will be EFFECTIVE, ON TIME and WITHIN BUDGET.

Your project director will select the appropriate human resource professional(s) with the expertise that you need and will begin implementation when you give us your approval.

Your project director will follow along with the timelines to ensure your ongoing satisfaction and will conduct a follow up meeting at the end of the project to overview the steps to ensure all objectives are successfully met. We follow a six step quality process that has proven to ensure consistent client satisfaction. If you are like other clients, you will be pleased with the efforts, due diligence and results. Our clients are pleased with how smooth the projects proceed and how our easily our human resource professionals interact with staff and management in their workplace. Many clients say that they like working with our top executive as their project director as they understand their challenges first hand as the leader of our organization for the last 25 years!

Providing the Support Your Organization Needs

Our consultants are highly trained professionals with expertise in the area that you wish to develop, expand upon, start up, outsource or take to the next level.

Companies call us if they:

  • Do not have a dedicated human resource professional
  • Need to train management, staff or the trainer
  • Need succession planning
  • Are looking to start up and establish a formal or informal human resource department
  • Are looking to enhance the existing group or department
  • Want assistance with taking their organization to the next level
  • Need project assistance
  • Are going through mergers and acquisition and need HR due diligence process or other support
  • Are an international organization and want to get their first United States office compliant and for talent acquisition services
  • Want to outsource a piece or all of the human resource function
  • Need an automated HR website to streamline the function and free their staff to handle employee relations and other day-to-day issues
  • Need to have a human resource professional on standby for questions concerning hiring, labor laws, terminations, and any other topics.
  • Need to update job descriptions or employee handbooks
  • Need sexual harassment, diversity and other training topics
  • Want to raise the bar on performance management and productivity
  • Need a resource for their human resource challenges
  • Want to develop individuals, managers, and various groups within an organization
  • Need assistance/support with change management

Accurate Resource Group, Inc. specializes in providing services to small to medium sized companies averaging 20-400 employees in the for profit, technology, environmental, security, software, manufacturing, non profit, financial, academic, medical, healthcare, biotechnology and other industries. In addition, we work with larger organizations in identifying, recruiting and hiring top performers and assisting them with their growth strategies.