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Giving Thanks…Right From The Heart!

November 24th, 2010 by Accurate Resource Group

Maybe it is easier as the economic times have been challenging, to stop and be thankful for all the GOOD that we have in our lives! The economy has given many of us a good mirror to reflect on the abundance we have, although it may not be what we have seen in the past. Maybe it is less or maybe more, but despite the artificial measuring stick of “things” that we have…we have many people in our lives to give thanks to…!!

My personal “thanks giving” list is long and I wanted to also give much deserved thanks to all the wonderful people whom I have known in business over the last 24 years, who have supported me, our staff and ARGI. Without YOU; our client, we would not be here today.


I want to extend Thanksgiving blessings to each and every client who has worked with us and sincerely hope that along the way, we might have made your day easier, made your project more successful, that your ARGI hires have done well in their new roles, and that we have alleviated your human resource challenges and that we have solved some of your problems. I hope that by working with me and ARGI, you are in a better place than you were before we assisted you and your organization. I know on my end, we have had a lot of success, have worked hard, have had some good laughs with you along the way and continue to evolve and look at new ways to solve your human resource challenges.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Thank you for your continuing support.


Comment from Deborah Penta
Time: January 25, 2011, 12:46 am

ARGI is a wonderful human resource partner for so many New England companies seeking the right professionals and for those that need solid HR outsourcing and leadership. Thank you for all that you do for clients and for the wonderful role model you are for so many in the community, and most especially, for the tremendous work you are doing for Dress for Success in the Worcester area.

Comment from Kathy Barron
Time: February 1, 2011, 2:33 pm

Thank you for your kind words.
The outsourcing model is alive and well, especially in these challenging economic times. As the local and regional economy continues to move forward, we are seeing a rise in the levels of need. Some of the requests in the human resource area are in the compensation area as well as some interim project work and contract recruiting. We also supply talent for various outsourced solutions providers in other industries as well.
The Dress for Success Worcester effort is moving ahead and we are kicking off our newest program this year, the Professional Women’s Group.
The women who have recently gotten jobs and have the clothes that helped them get the jobs and also to stay in them can now join our PWG. The PWG offers a monthly meeting on various job retention topics (both on a professional and also a personal level) as well as offering a network of support and peer interaction. This PWG is one of the ways that support these women in professional and personal areas, so that they can flourish on the job and have the tools to move their careers forward.
There is such a need and we look towards more outreach and assistance in 2011.
We support the Female Leadership Interest Council (FLIC) that also mentors and gives women the tools and network to be leaders in industry and in the community.
These efforts are ongoing and much needed to promote women’s success in their personal and business life. It is very much a rewarding way to help women…and thereby their families and in so doing the community!!

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