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Living Your Passion

Have you still been asking yourself “what should I be when I grow up??” What if you ARE grown up and are still asking that question??

Are you living your PASSION ??

Are you making money living your passion?

Maybe you were living your passion, but aren’t any more??

Do you find yourself at a point in your career where you don’t like the work that you do?

changeOr that the work is okay or even great, but the market or the technology has changed or even disappeared and you can no longer work in that specific market??

Maybe your career that is just not as appealing anymore?? OR maybe you just prefer a change and want to pursue something NEW, on your own terms?? Maybe you want to step out of the corporate world? Maybe what you have been doing was something suited you in the past, but now you want a change?

Maybe you are at the beginning of your career and you have just graduated and you can’t find ANY meaningful roles due to the challenging economy and you are tired of waiting for the economy to recover and that dream role to appear…

OR do you find that you are working in a career that you studied for in school and have taken that first job, but it is really NOT for you …and wondering is this all there is?? Perhaps feeling…what do I do now? Maybe you are wondering how do I transition from where I am…STUCK… into something that I LOVE doing and where I can make money and have a really bright future??

Maybe you are simply wondering…I would really love a chance to do something that I love…but I would just be quite happy making ANY money in this challenging economy?? Maybe you feel that doing something you LOVE seems like an UNREACHABLE dream right now?

Maybe you have progressed in your career, raised a family and now find yourself either wondering…am I going to do this for the rest of my work life.. OR I don’t want to do this for the rest of my work life OR I liked the work I used to do… but there are no opportunities out there now and I need to continue working towards a fulfilling retirement and what do I do next? What is my next move? How do I transition from the career I am very experienced in to something that I will LOVE AND be able to make the money I need for the next 5,10,15, 20 years until I retire??

Maybe you are looking to return into the workforce after raising a family and the timing is challenging because of the economy OR because you don’t know what skills are valued by employers at this time AND you don’t know if you have the skills that employers need. OR maybe you just want to have a career that you LOVE and you can make money doing it AND you aren’t sure what path(s) to take??

What if you COULD make money doing something that you are passionate about…AND that you LOVE to do?? Why not spend the rest of your time on this planet doing something you LOVE AND to be able to make money at it?

If you have had even one of these thoughts or if this sounds like you and you want more information on a program that can teach you HOW to do jump start your career and make money doing something you LOVE…we offer a FREE teleseminar that will talk about living your passion!!

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